Thursday, August 4, 2011

The "Water From A Rock" Chronicles:Day Four - The Rock

Fourty Years into Moses' life he kills an Egyptian for mistreating a Hebrew man. The Hebrews rat him out to the Egyptians and because they want him killed he winds up fleeing to the wilderness of Midian.

He's there for fourty years.

He then bumps into a burning bush, is empowered by God to do miracles and leads the whole Isrealite nation out of Egyptian Bondage and captivity only to hear them bicker and continually tick God off.

He's stuck in the wildreness another fourty years.....

A trip to the promised land that was supposed to last eleven days took fourty years. Every Isrealite twenty years and older including Moses was dead save for Joshua and Caleb when they finally entered the promised land.

The Rock: The Wilderness, The desert, Dry Land, Proccess, The Journey

The Water: The Promise, Provision, Results, The Destination

You've got to have hope. It's not some just in case safeguard, it's a neccesity, a vital muscle. And Paul says tribulation works patience, and patience experience, and experience hope.

If you can't handle the rock you'll never really get the water, at least not like you should.

We love shortcuts. We all prefer the quicker way to get or see something done. But many times the only way to get to the water is through the rock.

And this is where complaining comes easy. Because for one it seems unnecesary and makes no sense to our natural way of thinking. But that's too bad. Because even the shortcuts have a price, so you're really better off paying for the whole process.

Because here's the reality: You're lucky to get any water, and even through the rock you're still getting it at a discounted price.

We'll never deserve the water, and if we don't own it or didn't make it we don't get to set the price.

So do yourself a favor. Shut up and start squeezing :)

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