Monday, August 1, 2011

The "Water From A Rock" Chronicles: Day One

So Once upon some odd 3700 years ago a forty year old Hebrew named Moses was born into captivity in the famous land of Egypt. Four Hundred years before, his Great great great uncle Joseph had been sold into slavery but had so much favor on his life that he got to run the house of his master, survived that master's wife's false accusations of rape, was put in charge of the prison he was thrown into, and eventually ran all of Egypt. His descendants weren't so lucky. Fast forward through a seven year famine, his whole family of eleven other brothers and their families moving to Egypt, then proceeding to reproduce like rabbits, the Egyptians' attitude towards the Isrealites wasn't so favorable.

We're looking at a people who mentally and spritually were suddenly stuck between a rock and a hard taste.

Well, maybe not so suddenly. Still though...........

I want to take this moment to ask you if you've ever felt like you were supposed to rule the world. If you've ever dreamed big. If you have ever had an imagination bigger than your examination. The world most of us see with our eyes closed always seems somehow bigger than the one we see with our eyes open. And somewhere along the way most of us start to allow it to feel like a crime that what we see right now should be able to make room for what we dont see yet.

Does the world affect what you see? Or does what you see affect the world?

I like hearing kids talk. Their futures are outrageous. They will all be presidents, firemen, supermen, princesses, pilots, Jedis, Rock stars, Millionaires. Then they hit third grade. Fourth grade. Puberty. College. And suddenly they become less and less fun to hear talk. Suddenly the world isn't big enough for everyone's grandiose dream like it used to be.

Suddenly minimum wage checques are bigger than people's dreams.

Perspective is a funny thing. Depending on yours, the world is either a seemingly big rock that is one of the smallest pebbles in a huge galaxy among many, or it is a GIGANTIC swimming pool.

Earth and Water. Whatup all my 300 Fans? Ladies calm down.

I live in a desert. I see alot of rocks. A lot of rocks. ALOT of Rocks. Yet no matter how deep in the middle of the desert I can go, it'll never change the fact that the earth is three quarters water. I'M three quarters water.

I mean, even when I get THIRSTY I sweat.

Some of us walk by faith and not by sight. Too many of us think that means that means some of us are blind.

Too many DON'T see it as the power to see something else. Something better. They're too busy calling that vision.

Only you can't walk by sight OR vision. That only deals with seeing where you're going.

Vision and Sight only deals with eyes. No one really walks by eyes, thats only part of the picture.

And some people follow every little thing they see, but we won't deal with that sickness right now.

Instead we'll attempt to paint the rest of the picture.

The whole picture that involves hearing. Faith comes by hearing. The whole picture that doesn't just have eyes that won't be limited to sight, but also has hands that write and play Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder songs. Legs that run wheelchair and one legged triathlons.

Moses got a chance to see himself one of three ways, but that's another blog post. Actually so is everything else. We got a whole lot of days to squeeze the water out of this rock, so we're going to pace ourselves.

And who knows? I might drop an eight song EP and a short film/mini movie to go along with it. Hey, I might even do it at the end of this very month, right around August 28th!

Man, I can see it now. Can you?

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