Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The "Water From A Rock" Chronicles:Day Two - Identity

Two Natures Inside My Chest
One is Cursed, and One is Blessed
One I Love, and One I hate
The One I feed Will Dominate...

Moses was a Hebrew man of the tribe of Levi, a tribe of Isreal. He was born at a time when  Pharoah and the egyptians were freaking out at how quickly Isreal was growing. I mean, these were some non birth control applying pro creators! Or maybe they were fans of the rhythm method :) Whatever the case, Pharoah ordered all the male children to be executed and the girls were fine.

So Mommy hid Moses in an Ark of Reeds and sent him down the Nile. Pharoah's daughter is bathing and Moses' sister Miriam, who was following her little brother, watches a compassionate young princcess pull a screaming baby out of the water. Thus the name Moses, to mean "Drawn from the water". And big sister happens to be there to suggest to Pharoah's daughter that she go get a Hebrew Woman to wean the child. Guess they didn't exactly do Cow's Milk. Or two percent. Whatever the case, Moses was taken into Pharoah's house as a child, and yet got to be weaned by mommy for the first little part of his life.

So really who was Moses? And more importantly, who are you?

Are we a product of who we are? What we do? Both? I love America. Slang talking gang banging white boys, Surbabanite asians, Punk Rock and Screamo loving skate boarding Negroes and Rastafari Latinas run rampant everywhere. Its beautiful! It also begs this question:

Is who we are ultimately determined by where we are?

Raise up a child in the way they should go and when they are older they will not depart from it. Weaning takes about what, a year or two tops? After that Moses was raised to walk, talk and act like an Egyptian. Yet fourty years later he kills another Egyptian for mistreating one of his Hebrew people.

Fourty years of being raised to be someone else could not erase the core fact that Moses was who he was.

Even though both sides would automatically reject him for being tired of being something he wasn't, at least he now was.

Because if we never are who we are supposed to be, we never were.

And I'm at the point in my life now where I would rather painfully exist than be painlessly forgettable.

If we can't tell each other from each other, somebody's copying somebody. And you cant be two people at once. So somebody sacrificed themselves to be a non authentic version of someone else.

That just plain sucks. Especially how much it is the norm in the modern world nowadays.

Thing is, in a world where everyone has for years everyone has tried to become whoever is the most celebrated at the time for whatever reason, how do we just be us. Is it enough for me to tell you to just be you and not tell you how?

Is it?

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