Monday, September 19, 2011

What Happens in Vegas.....

I walked off a bus a little over two years ago opposite an old Casino wondering what I was getting myself into. My cousin took a while to come and pick me up. She later told me when we got home and I went to bed on the blow up in the living room she shut her door and cried. Wow. I looked THAT jacked up? I mean, I know it had been a two day bus ride, but really? She says I used to cry at the church we'd attend back when I first moved here. I don't remember much past teaching my niece to walk and one of my cousin's older friends she introduced me to that I sooner than later started sleeping with. My mind seems to blank out between those moments. Get Sonya to walk a few extra steps. Get picked up by said lady after she got off work to go eat dinner, go walk around the strip, go back to her house.

I honestly don't remember much about walking the strip and the food to be honest. And don't get me wrong, the food was phenomenal. We tried every type. On a whim. I ate some good different expensive food that year. I doubt I was really mentally in the restaurant at the time though. I'd just be counting the minutes before we went back to her house. Somewhere in the back of my mind my justification is we both knew what the deal was, both knew what we wanted.......
My other justification was I never lied. Said I loved her. Not like the two other times, when I told myself I really loved those women. Can I say
I didn't know love is an action, not just a phrase or emotion? I cheated on both. I cheated on the first one with the second one. At the end of our
relationship girlfriend number 2 put me through the worst emotional turmoil and heartbreak I am yet to go through in my life so far.
I got off EXTRA easy.
I also wound up in Las Vegas, Nevada all the way from Champaign, Illinois. I doubt I even made that choice for any of the right reasons. I'm not even
sure I expected to last two weeks out here. I just knew I was tired, didn't care and didn't like that staying in Illinois felt like waiting to die.
No one exaggerates what happens here. People come here to do things they don't have to account for. Every adventure is for sale. We were selling
water on the strip illegaly for a spell and this one Australian female customer described it perfectly. Disneyland on Acid.
And I've never been to disneyland.
So welcome to Las Vegas. Bring shades for all the Flashing lights. And be sure to catch a Cirque De Solei show.
One more thing. Be careful. This city was designed to kill you :)

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