Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sex On The Side. Pt 2

This wont make sense if you didn't read Part 1. Or maybe it will

You see part in 1 I talked about our natural propensity for polygamy. I also said maybe a little too coded that I was talking about more than just sex.

So this is my best attempt to fully clarify things. Let's get deep for a spell.

I live in a modern world. One where many of the male population equates Love with sex and many women do the same with Security, usually financial. Popular media has always been big on following declarations and revelations of love with sex, and too many of us live and think that way.

I live in a modern world. One where too many of the male population dont neccesarily regard Love as highly as sex and will many times be content to throw around the word love to validate how much we want to have sex, and sadly too many women nowadays let them.

I live in a modern world where too many men and women think it is possible to have sex with little to no emotional attachment to get away from the fact that sex connected with love comes with too high of a risk of getting hurt, emotionally tortured and sometimes destroyed.

Polygamy is about Love way before it is ever about sex.

Couples have the biggest fights over how much one buys shoes, plays video games, hangs out with their friends, watches TV, stays out late, never calls, watches porn, never talks. never understands, the list goes on. The core of every one of these fights is one thing. What a human being loves, they worship. what they worship they will give attention.

Many of us worship sex. If the sex isn't good the love isn't good. Where this is usually true, it's also unrealistic. The most loving couple in the world have bad days, you'd have to be Jesus not to. And it is not love until you hold on to the good intentions through the bad moments.

Our problem is we hold on to the bad moments. They're easy to remember, it's easy to keep score.

Love is work. Sex is easy. In my not so disciplined past, at my most out of shape I could have.......................the point is sex is easy.

And here in lies another problem.

Sex is polygamous. Love is not.

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  1. polygamy
    1 the practice of having more than one wife or husband at the same time
    Compare → polyandry → polygyny
    a the condition of having male, female, and hermaphrodite flowers on the same plant
    b the condition of having these different types of flower on separate plants of the same species
    3 the practice in male animals of having more than one mate during one breeding season
    (C16: via French from Greek polugamia from poly- + -gamy)
    ♦ polygamist n
    ♦ polygamous adj
    ♦ polygamously adv

    English Collins Dictionary - English Definition & Thesaurus

    I do get what you are trying to say, but I don't think most of your readers connect your use of the adjective "Polygamous" with what you have actually said. You started out in Part 1 of your blog by saying that you are polygamous, your ability to to separate Love from Sex does not make you polygamous. But if you are saying that our worship of sex- especially sex outside of marriage, above our worship for God makes us have a polygamous heart; now that is different. Because you can not worship man and God, if you are truly worshiping one you are automatically not worshiping the other.