Monday, March 28, 2011

This City Video KickStarter Project!!!

This City, This City....

"This City" is a single off the album "S.O.S.", my latest studio release. The song is a celebration of unity and positivity, even in the midst of division and self defeating mentalities

Many of you may or may not know, but I live in Vegas now. World famously named Sin City. Adult entertainment capital, among other things. And it has some interesting statistics

Las Vegas has one of the highest suicide and divorce rates of the U.S. Residents are 40% less likely to commit suicide if they leave Las Vegas and visitors are more than twice as likely to commit suicide here as elsewhere. Vegas recently recorded one of the highest home foreclosure rates in the country. It currently has the highest unemployment rate in the country. Crime statistics list Las Vegas, Nevada as the third most dangerous city in The United States to live in after Chester, Pennsylvania and Saginaw, Michigan. Between four and six hundred pre teens and teens (12-16) are illegaly trafficked through Las Vegas per month.

But this is also listed among cities with the most churches per capita. A recent Internet search revealed listings for more than 500 churches in the city. Parts of the West Side have numbered close to 95 churches in a 5 mile radius.

I'm not sure if this is even a good thing. But what I am sure of is that I gave my life and completely commited to him for real not just saying it when I came here, and I thank God for that.

Sin, in religion, is an act that violates a known moral rule, a transgression of God's Law. Outside of religion, sin is defined as a highly reprehensible action, an offense, an often serious shortcoming. Religion or not, Sin has no good correlation or definition.

Now there are many communities and churches who are in agreement that they are tired of the negativity here. That this city will no longer be called "Sin City". I personally think that's great.
The thing is they all have their own new name for the city. That part I find daunting. Division in the church as a whole is not new, and is probably one of their biggest hold ups. But they are in agreement about what it will no longer be named, and that is huge.

So for my most recent album, me and some friends did a song to celebrate what they did agree upon. and the response to both the album and especially the song has been nothing short of inspiring.

So now we want to do a video for the song, and we have found a site that will allow us to share this endeavor from the smallest to the biggest participant.
The site is called
and you can see the project I'm talking about by clicking here!!!

We're excited to be doing this with you guys, and be sure to tell as many as you can about it.
Stay positive. Be safe and God bless.


  1. I didn't know that's how you got your nickname. "Temporary" is right; I saw no flaws on you.

    I was thinking "I can't afford to donate, I'm barely making it right now." Then I looked down at my KFC tray and realized I'm just fooling myself. Even if it's just a small donation (like that of a single fast food meal), it all adds up. If you're reading this, even if it's just a dollar, HELP THEM OUT! They are good people with a quality message. :)

    Can one person pay the pledge with a credit card yet have the credit/rewards go to another person's name? How?

  2. When you make the pledge, Kickstarter allows you to personalise the name that shows up, simply put in their name then email me where you want the reward/s sent....

    ...And thank you. You're awesome, as always.