Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Inside My Heart - With Lyrics

Look in these eyes you’ll see the dark
That little space Inside my Heart
(………..deBuoy Music, ha)
The Darkest side withholds the light
The Light that brightens me inside

Yo I’m a Beat Slaying Shooter, word to D J Aludah
That boy a lyrical killer, only Mackenzie is ruder...

 The flow, so anointed it makes demons sing Hallelujah
I’ll be hot at 100, getting Crim like Byg Kahuna
I, hit them with the Riddim from here to Beekay
This Ugandan kid’s redefining UGK
Every track, I be leaking to Mister DeeJay
Got them screaming REEWWIND, Instant Replay
I don’t just deliver with flows, I deliver these souls
In the name of the only life giver we know
Ex sinner, I ain’t claiming I ain’t sinning no more
But I’m washed in his blood, no sink and no soap, Boy
I go realer till it got them going Ape, Man
Flows turn a critter to a Beast like Space Jam
See it used to be my only agenda
Round the opposite gender was get her alone and then bend her
But I’m reformed now, see I done calmed down
Aint just trying to hit it everytime I perform now
Look into my eyes, then it was only dark clouds
Put your ear to my chest and hear how my heart pounds
I used to get my rapper cassetes from Sharp Sounds
Went to Wandegeya to learn they shut that shop down
Product of K’la town, homey we do not clown
You can’t push us or budge us because we’re standing our ground


We’re getting money over here
Switched positions and now we’re getting money over there
You don’t even want to bring your honey over here
Cause she gone start blushing acting funny with her hair
And I ain’t even said nothing, I ain’t even on that
And still she bugging over my lines like a phone tap
Thinking cause I’m now saved that I won’t snap
I’m locking the spot down, we’re gone need a zone map
I ain’t perfect, so now that we got that out of the way?
Hm, How do I say it? Homey I’m pretty close
Lyrically wile out like I don’t know how to behave
And I’m so fresh I don’t know how to decay
I’m one of the best, coming out of EA
So either get with the programme or get out of the way,
It got crowded in KLA since I’ve been away
And still I’m loud and unashamed and proud to be saved,
I’m on the move, all you can do is acknowledge me
Trail Blazer living by the scorched earth policy
My paper scraping take them on a space odyssey
Walking that fine line between dishonesty and modesty
Cockiness and confidence, my dominance is obvious
I’m about my paper now I’m surrounded by copiers?
Tell them they can not be us, we need more originals
Me and JT came up in a game of individuals,(Urban Life)
Before the decimals…..


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  1. You are the real deal. Talented enough to make millions in the hip-hop rap world, yet you truly chose God worship over money.

    You amaze me. Glad you're posting again. :)