Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beverly Hill Flow - With Lyrics

Ru, What Up JT? Yego
It was all a dream, to shop when I’m getting the mills
Dreaming of what I’d cop in Beverly Hills
Got so much gwop I ain’t sweating the Bills
Put it all on the tab, get whatever you feel....

I’d have the, money, the cars, the honeys in awe
Getting Valet Parked right infront of the stars
I’m talking name plaque Hollywood Boulevard
And only Moguls trading numbers could pull my card
VIP at the Bar with the Entourage
So paid every car got it’s own garage, yeah
We’d be dreaming, Willie Beaming
I’d be a cut above it all, Guillotining
First Class, so paid I’d burp cash
Till I was standing out like The Eddie Murph laugh
Showing up at the party in the latest Ferrari,
Yeah I know I dreamt shallow, I’m sorry

Africans trying to get out the slums
Americans wanna move out the Hood (Yeah)
We all hate when we’re out of funds
And everyone dreams they could go Hollywood
And Just Do It
(So Beverly Hills)

It was all a nightmare, it was so close that it’s right there
I’d just need the right pair of shoes and the right gear
The right A and R would hear me say a bar
Then guarantee I’m a star by this time tomorrow
I’d do the right songs, put them on the right album,
They would all be mixed down to the right volume
I’d do the right shows, be on all the right tours
Sell the right amount of copies out of the right stores
Man, I had it all planned out just right
From the hooks to the subjects on which I must write
Thinking this just might be the day, be the night
I thought that Everytime they gave me the mic
But instead, everyone you couldn’t pay me to like
Was getting paid to rap till I was fading to black
They were basically asking me not to get my hopes up
Guess that must have been the moment that I woke up

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