Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Things Change

Things Change. I started out wanting to be everyone i idolized on TV that glorified the glitzy life while claiming criminal backgrounds that they weren't altogether cut off from. I related with the struggle and the open distaste for injustice. I felt a common bond due to skin color. I wanted to talk like they talk and walk like they walked. I wanted to live what I thought they lived. I looked up to people I believed I knew because they set out to sound known and believed.

And I was going to be the best at doing what they did.

Sometimes, whether tangible or not, priorities are things. You have to take possession of and own them. You have to nurture them and build them.

Things Change.


  1. things do change and when the spirit directs your path, that change can be the best thing ever. i cant stop listening to this mix tape don't know how i hadnt heard it before. you make me proud big bro